Popfossa for Professional Development & E-Learning

Popfossa is the premier professional development and online learning portal designed to connect the global health care community.

Professional meetings, conferences and events have been the mainstay of learning and networking for health care professionals for centuries.

We're exploring ways of using enabling technology to improve the quality of learning resources on the web. We want to make e-learning easy and possible for everyone.

Popfossa not only makes finding relevant meetings easier but also aims to facilitate e-learning and professional development across disciplines and cultures.

Free Features & Benefits

Popfossa is an open and inclusive community that's free to join. Here is an overview of the powerful features available to all Popfossa members.

Find The Right Conference For You

  • Find hundreds of global, local and online conferences to attend.
  • Find out who's attending, share and discuss events with other attendees online.
  • Receive special offers from participating organisers.
  • Submit and promote any conference or educational event to friends, colleagues and industry partners.

Organise Your Learning

  • Keep track of interesting events to receive feedback and learnings from those events whether you attend or not.
  • Maintain an attendance record of events attended for CME/CPD or your CV.
  • Keep personal notes on each event and save key learnings, useful resources or contacts.
  • Log your CPD/CME points earned, travel expenses for tax or reimbursement purposes all in one place.

Professional Networking

  • Create an online profile for yourself and your organisation to network with leaders in the global health care community.
  • With hundrends of specialties, Popfossa is a comprehensive directory of professionals and organisations who are interested in professional development.